Aerial Videography

We can do videos from above and below, the opportunities are endless!
We offer full high definition capabilities which we can deliver to you in a variety of formats and resolutions

Aerial Photography

Our unique aerial point of view allows us to take photos from places you otherwise could not get to; we bring your shot to life with a unique aerial perspective


We also provide video editing to ensure you get the right attention in the market space
We further add music based on your taste and wishes
Golf Course coverage
Having more exposure and driving more traffic to your golf course is key to growth.  Our videos will shine a new light on your course offerings helping to promote your unique value to bring that traffic in.
Real Estate & Inspections

Our goal is to help you show your property to that perfect buyer in a way that makes them see themselves in your house to make it their home – decreasing time on the market.

Inspections can often take a lot of time, coordination and money.  Not to mention putting a person’s life in danger by scaling to such heights.  Why not fly to those hard to reach areas using one of our specialized aircraft?


Progression photos, site views, scope and scale.  There are so many aspects of aerial portrayal that will showcase your hard work and time spent building such fantastic structures.

Event Venues

Make it epic!  Have an event you want to highlight and want to make it look amazing?  Take a ‘higher perspective’ to captivate your audience and make them wish they were there with you.


Want to get a leg up on the competition?  Elevate your status by showing your customers how far above them you truly are by showing them a higher value.


Having walk through videos are nice – but to truly capture the largest amount of interest – you need to go up!  Providing a different perspective will set you apart and draw the visitor in.  Come see us!

Colleges / Institutions

Set your campus apart from the rest and attract the demographic that are seeking you out by providing views that appeal to them.  We can help bring them in.

Auto Dealerships

Why rent a crane when we can fly over your lot and show people the size of your inventory – along with individual focus for specials of the month or season.

Why Should You Work With Us?

icons_body_checkbox  We want to be your visual marketing expert and trusted advisor
icons_body_checkbox  We can showcase great spaces and provide unique experiences
icons_body_checkbox  We can show off your property or business to its fullest potential
icons_body_checkbox  This is an emerging and exciting technology – a new ‘boom’ in marketing by using unmanned aviation!
icons_body_checkbox  This is a fast moving industry and we’re on the forefront of this technology, so we can stay two steps ahead of the rest
icons_body_checkbox  Video marketing adds class, feeling and emotion to what your customers or prospects are seeing!
icons_body_checkbox  For the buyer, it adds a level of attachment to that property
icons_body_checkbox  For construction, pictures don’t show the scale or scope of the development.  Tell the story of that development over a period of 3, 6 or 9 months connecting people with the build

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